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Full Name Briefers Rock
Kanji ブリーフ
Rōmaji Burīfu
Also Known As Briefers, Geek Boy
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Green
Weapon PKE Meter
Relatives Arthur Rock
First Appearance "The Turmoil of the Beehive"
Voiced By JP: Hiroyuki Yoshino

EN: Joel McDonald[1]

Sorry, dad! I'm not going to marry a girl I don't love! I'm not... I'm not your puppet!


Briefers ”Brief” Rock (ブリーファス・ロック / ブリーフ, transliterated as "Burīfasu Rokku" / "Burīfu") is the tritagonist of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter and irrevocably in love with Panty.


Brief is a teenager of unconfirmed age, is the heir of the Rock Foundation, an affluent corporation in Daten City. He is implied to be rather wealthy, as he was able to buy Panty's highly overpriced panties online in order to "protect her". Whenever he is under the watchful eye of his father, he is forced to dress differently and has bodyguards.

Brief is a student at Daten City High, where he is confined to the "Geek's Class," the lowest level of the social hierarchy. As a result, he is bullied by students at higher levels of the hierarchy.

Brief is the descendant of Hell's Monkey, meaning he is the only known character capable of opening the gates of Hell (with his penis).


Brief has wavy, ginger hair, green eyes, freckles, and a round nose. His hair falls over his forehead, covering his eyes, however, this doesn't seem to impair his vision.

In addition to having an incredibly handsome face whenever his hair is pulled back, his nose appears much sharper and his freckles become lighter.


Brief's most common outfit consists of a khaki green hoodie and pants, beige and dark green sneakers, a dark green belt, and grey headphones. He wears three pins on his hoodie and normally carries a PKE Meter. In addition, as his name implies, he wears white briefs.

His second most prominent outfit consist of a white tuxedo, white shoes, and a black bow-tie.


Brief is a shy, determined, and somewhat naive teenage boy who proclaims himself a ghost hunter. He is usually called "Geek Boy" by Panty and Stocking, due to his interest in the supernatural and science fiction.

Despite being the voice of reason to Panty and Stocking, Brief tends to be the butt of a lot of jokes, as he is constantly knocked around and subjected to various forms of abuse, particularly by the Anarchy sisters. A running gag in the series sees Brief falling headfirst into a pile of garbage or being knocked away by the demon sisters' red carpet, which signals their arrival. Being a huge fan of the occult, he owns a PKE Meter, and refers to the Anarchy sisters as "ghost hunters".

Brief claims that he is in love with Panty. However, his feelings are often returned with constant harassment from her and zero regard for his safety and wellbeing.



Backlace, transformed using Brief's underwear.

Brief is the only character capable of opening the gates of hell. This is implied due to Corset's determination in trying to give him an erection in order to use his penis as the key.

In "High School Nudical", Panty is able to transform Brief's underpants into a very powerful double-barreled shotgun. However, due to his poor stamina, it can only be shot two times.

Brief can also shoot smokescreens and detect ghosts using his PKE meter.




Panty and Brief driving in See Through in "Panty + Brief".

Ever since Brief first met Panty in "The Turmoil of the Beehive", he has had a major crush on her and blushed anytime they were near each other. However, Panty hated Brief and often called him "Geek Boy". In "Les Diaboliques", Panty offered to have sex with Brief, but he wanted to take their relationship slow, not realizing that Panty wasn't looking for a long-term relationship. As a result, Panty and Stocking ditched Brief. In "Panty + Brief", Brief announces his intentions to marry Panty, but she refused to do so.

She was willing to have sex with him as her one thousandth but was interrupted when Corset captured him. She then had to have sex with him to end her virginity that she regained. They eventually finished the act and gave him her newly restored virginity in "Bitch Girls". However, in "Bitch Girls: 2 Bitch", when Brief falls from the sky, Panty simply chooses to ignore him, causing him to accidently open the gates of Hell with his penis. Later, when Panty and Stocking seemed not to care at all that Garterbelt died, Brief angrily asks if they are ever serious.

Arthur Rock[]

Brief's father is the CEO of the Rock Foundation. In "Panty + Brief", he arranged Brief's marriage with Scanty, the mayor's daughter. However, Brief refused to marry Scanty and told his father that he wanted to marry Panty instead.