Full Name Chuck
Kanji チャック
Rōmaji Chakku
Gender Male
Voiced By JP: Takashi Nakamura
EN: Ian Sinclair[1]

EN: Cassie Cleveland

Chuck (チャック, Chakku), also known as Piggy, is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He is Panty and Stocking's pet sidekick. He resembles a green rat with zippers for ears and a tail.


Chuck is subjected to various injuries throughout the series, but is able to recover extremely quickly. Panty and Stocking in particular regularly 'kill' him without even breaking the pace of their current situation, and often take out their frustration on him with the knowledge that nothing will really affect him.

Aside from being a convenient punching bag, he is also often used as a sort of mail box, getting struck by lightning. In addition, he has been shown to be capable of driving the Anarchy sisters' car, a roofless pink Hummer H1 called See Through (シースルー, Shī Surū).

He is endowed with a more formidable power as well: by turning himself inside-out with his zippers, Chuck has the ability to transform into a colossal horned hellhound. In this form he can still regenerate from massive amounts of abuse and fire giant fireblasts powerful enough to take out the powered-up form of his counterpart Fastener.

Despite those abilities, Chuck usually behaves like a very stupid rat. He is only able to say his own name (and sometimes the word 'fuck'). He seems to be very sex-obsessed, as he is often shown touching himself and humping random people.

Oddly enough, it has been shown his head is inhabited by a small red devil in a black suit who can exit through the zippers on Chuck's head, it is possible this devil controls Chuck's brain.


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