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Daten City High is Daten City's main high school, and an important setting throughout the series . It has the shape of a cross and it is based off on the stereotypical American high school on account of having a Queen Bee, a football team, cheerleaders, and a 'Losers' Classroom'.

Daten City High was first featured in "The Turmoil of the Beehive", right after the principal consulted the Anarchy sisters for assistance.

Barby, a beautiful girl who was later revealed to be a ghost, was the high school's Queen Bee. Shortly after arriving, Panty and Stocking were named the new queens of Daten City High though their titles did not last.

Daten City High is also where the duo went for the "Lingerie Run" party, during "High School Nudical". But oddly enough, on the poster advertising the party, the school was referred to as "Daten High School". Implying that the high school's full name is probably "Daten City High School".

Daten City High was the main setting during "Les Diaboliques". Where the Anarchy sisters challenged Scanty and Kneesocks on an epic battle that destroyed many of the school's facilities in the process. During that episode, it was also revealed the demon sisters built a ghost factory below the school.