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A demon is a creature who serves Satan. Scanty, Kneesocks and Corset are all demons. They have unnaturally colored skin, and are able to transform their clothing into weapons, just like angels.


In contrast to the standard depiction of demons as agents of disorder, the demons are instead obsessed with Order and strict Rules. This is by no means a good thing, though, since their way of imposing Order can easily be likened to a dictatorship (for instance, when Scanty and Kneesocks take over the school, they impose standardized uniforms that look somewhat military). Alignment-wise, they could thus be qualified as Lawful Evil. In this way they contrast Angels who, though they cause disorder, are affiliated with freedom. Demons outwardly despise unnecessary chaos and destruction, but in reality they will stop at nothing to advance their goals. All known demons have also been shown to be cruel and sadistic. One of the demons' goals is to take over Earth and Heaven, and impose their rules on them. However, their last attempt to perform this resulted in a failure.

Relationship with Ghosts

Demons are apparently the masters of the Ghosts, though the benefit they draw from unleashing such chaotic creatures upon innocents is not entirely clear. It can be theorized that Ghosts may serve the purpose of luring out and attempting to destroy Angels. Demons are able to mass-produce weak False Ghosts using a Ghoststone. They can also enhance the power of weak Ghosts. The color of Scanty and Kneesock’s weapons, which are very likely the same color for all demons, are black and gold which is the same colors seen on ghosts.