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Double Gold Lacytanga is the name of Scanty's revolvers, which she forms from her pair of black thongs. It can be used to battle ghosts, angels, or any other spiritual being, just like the Anarchy sisters' weapons. Scanty can combine her revolvers to form a powerful rifle. Similar to Backlace, Double Gold Lacytanga does not use gunpowder.


  • Due to the Season 2 illustration with Scanty wielding a Chainsaw weapon instead of her dual revolvers, it could imply that she could be using different clothing, or the possibility of Scanty being able to alter the form of weapon that her thongs take.
  • Since Double Gold Spandex has the ability to make ghosts stronger, it could be possible that Scanty's weapon has the same capability and that all Demon weapons might have this same power.
  • The “tanga” in the weapons name refers to a specific type of underwear.