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A ghost is a vengeful spirit, able to possess matter, such as feces and vehicles. Ghosts have been the servants of demons for hundreds of years.

According to Corset, ghosts used to be stronger in the past, and still retained their memories of the original chaos, making them rough and radical. However, ghosts became weaker with each passing year, and now are easily defeated with the appropriate type of weapon.

Ghosts can be created in factories, using a Ghoststone. However, ghosts created in factories are weaker than naturally born ghosts and are not worth any Heaven Coins. Most ghosts are born from a particularly sad death. Natural Ghosts' features and goals are usually an ironic reflection of either their deaths or their failings in life: Hell Pound, for example, was a woman who failed at diets, therefore after she died, she transformed into an obese ghost, who lactated a fattening compound with the goal of using it to fatten up women across the globe.

A Ghost created in a factory.

Ghosts are usually colored black with red and yellow accents, reminiscent to dark magma. Each ghost has unique powers and abilities that are related to their cause of death. They also have the ability to transform into various forms (often hiding their true nature) and are impervious to normal weaponry.

When a ghost is about to die, the show switches to a live action shot of a large clay figurine of the ghost exploding. After dying, ghosts leave Heaven Coins behind. How many coins they turn into depends on the ghost's strength.

Panty and Stocking were kicked out of Heaven and sent to Daten City in order to keep ghosts under control, for Daten City is infested with evil and darkness.

Ghosts defeated by the Anarchy sisters so far