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Kanji ゴーストバスターっス
Rōmaji Gōsutobasutāssu
Volume 1
Chapter № 1
Release August 4, 2010
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"Ghostbusters" is the first chapter of the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt manga.


Panty and Stocking are sent by Garterbelt to defeat a cloud ghost, who has spread a heatwave throughout Daten City.


The chapter starts with a narrator, who introduces Panty and Stocking as a pair who are currently annoying Daten City. The setting changes to the church, where Panty is seen waking up. Panty says having sex bores her a lot lately, but then remembers that the reason why she started having sex, in the first place, was because of boredom. Stocking concurs with Panty, saying that the same thing is happening to her, for her sweets doesn't taste as good anymore, no matter which ones she eats.

Garterbelt says that even though the angels assure sex and sweets are becoming dull, they just keep eating sweets and having sex respectively. Stocking retorts saying she is just eating those sweets before they go bad, and Panty assures she only has her meals on bed because she is too lazy to get up. Panty throws a condom towards Chuck, who catches it and starts nibbling on it. Garterbelt suddenly interrupts them, saying they've only got 8 pages left, and that he has been feeling really tired as well. He quickly comes to the conclusion that it has to be a ghost's doing. Panty asks him if he is sure it isn't just the weather, but Garterbelt tells the angels to shut up and move out.

The Anarchy sisters go off in See Through, and soon notice a huge cloud ghost above the city. But instead of fighting it, they decide to stop by a cake store in order to increase both their motivations. However, Stocking soon realises that all the cakes had gone bad. Panty tells Stocking that all the clerks had a heatstroke, and that even if she is riding one of them, she can't get him hard. The angels say they've found their motivation and decide to take care of the ghost. They transform their clothing into Backlace and Stripes I & II respectively, and defeat the ghost rather easily. Upon coming home, they are scolded by Garterbelt, who forgot where they went because of the heatstroke.


  • The chapter's title is a direct reference to the American film, Ghostbusters.