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Giant Brown
36 big brown.png
Full Name Giant Brown
Kanji ジャイアント・ブラウン
Rōmaji Jaianto Buraun
Race Ghost
Ghost № 36
Form of Death Suffocated by the smell of feces
Defeated By Panty, Stocking
Heaven Coins 1
Occupation Former plumber
Ability Possess fecal matter
First Appearance "Excretion Without Honor and Humanity"

Big Brown is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. It was ghost #36, and the main antagonist in "Excretion Without Honor and Humanity".

Big Brown was created after the stench from a pipe, clogged by an indescriptible amount of feces, suffocated an unfortunate plumber, who then became this evil spirit. Big Brown had the power to possess all fecal matter in Daten City (as well as being able to swallow people via toilets), and used this ability to become a corporeal ghost.

Big Brown's abhorrent stench induced all its foes to vomit, making him an invincible ghost who incapacitated all assailants. However, Panty and Stocking destroyed it rather easily. Big Brown was worth one Heaven Coin.

Big Brown's design sheet.


  • In the FUNimation dub, it is renamed "Big Brown Eye" .
  • Big Brown was the first ghost Panty and Stocking fought in the anime, but it was not the first ghost they defeated. There were 35 ghosts prior to Big Brown, including Gigantic Cloud, which were  defeated by the Anarchy sisters.