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Hell Pound
Hell Pound.png
Full Name Hell Pound
Kanji ヘル・パウンド
Rōmaji Heru Paundo
Race Ghost
Ghost № 41
Defeated By Panty
Heaven Coins 4
Gender Female
Occupation Baker
First Appearance "The Diet Syndrome"

Hell Pound is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. She was ghost #41 and the main antagonist in "The Diet Syndrome".

She appears as a massive obese woman with frizzy blue hair and a glowing orange baker's hat and apron. Instead of legs, her body terminates in a sort of fleshy pad, allowing her to slither around like a slug. Hell Pound's most distinctive features are her massive breasts and exaggeratedly long nipples, two of which also appear on her eyes. By squeezing her nipples, she produces white cream filled with millions of microbe-like Ghosts that induce extreme obesity in any consumer. She also has dozens of extra breasts and arms hidden beneath her apron, allowing her to release massive amounts of cream if cornered.

In a world filled with super skinny celebrities and false hope, the feelings of despair from many underweight (and morbidly obese) women manifested onto this ghost, who opened a bakery.

The bakery sold many sweets, which Stocking jumped at and got caught in the ghost's trap. Millions of tiny spores in each of the bakery's products forces their consumers to grow fatter and fatter with each taste. Presumably, these sweets are also incredibly addictive, as it would take at least 100 of these to make someone with average weight obese.

Hell Pound's design sheet.

Hell Pound was exposed by Panty, who - after laughing at her sister's unfortunate situation - decided to end this ghost's recipe for disaster. The Ghost retaliated by launching a barrage of concentrated cream from all of her breasts simultaneously, only for the already-obese Stocking to gulp it all down.

Angered by the Ghost interfering with her treats, Stocking attacked with her sword, only to see it fall limp due to her stockings being overstretched. Hell Pound used the opportunity to escape, but Panty caught up and blasted her into oblivion with her gun. The obese Ghost left four Heaven Coins behind.

Once Hell Pound was defeated, Stocking and likely all others who had eaten her food instantly lost all her ghost induced fat.


Hell Pound is able to 'generate' a substance which, when eaten, releases millions of tiny ghost germs into the eater's body. There, they multiply, making the eater fatter. Once eaten, the Ghost-induced weight gain cannot be shed with any intense diet or any amount of exercise. The more substance is ingested, the more Germs are released into the body, speeding up the weight gain.

Thankfully, the germs are linked to the (un)lifeforce of Hell Pound. Destroying the Ghost causes all her progeny to die, returning her victims to their normal weight almost instantly.