Honekoneko (ホネコネコ, lit. "Bone Kitten") is the cat plushie Stocking is almost always seen carrying around.

Honekoneko is a purple cat plushie with half of its face and body's skin missing, showing its bones. Its expressions often matches that of Stocking, implying the plushie might be alive. Stocking also has the habit of dressing Honekoneko in outfits similar to hers, like in "Catfight Club", where she dressed the plushie in a sailor-like outfit. In "If the Angels Wore Swimsuits", it was revealed Honekoneko can breathe fire. And can travel through time and dimensions to help Panty and Stocking, and even made a crossover into Black Butler!


Honekoneko has proved to be quite popular with fans, for Gainax has released a variety of merchandise featuring the plushie cat.


  • According to Great Eastern Entertainment's shop, Honekoneko is actually called Hollow Kitty, a parody of the name Hello Kitty.
  • It is rumored that Honekoneko is not only alive, but a zipper pet as well. There is no proof of this, however, some fans will state that the fact that Honekoneko has a personality (and can demonstrate power by breathing fire) which is enough for them to believe this is true. 
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