Panty & Stocking's mother, portrayed as a woman's legs with white shoes, panties, and stockings

Judgement, possibly God, rules in heaven and gives angels like Panty and Stocking their orders through holy men such as Garterbelt. She uses flashes of lightning to send scraps of paper with messages on them for their next assignment, and uses Chuck as a medium to send them through.

In "Bitch Girls: 2 Bitch", Panty and Stocking refer to Judgement as a mother. She used her legs to push the Ghost and Corset back into Hell's Gate. She appears to wear white panties, stockings, and a garterbelt.

Judgment's mother is possibly Granny since she is Panty's Grandmother. Though Granny could be Panty's paternal grandmother or just an actress hired by Garterbelt to pretend to be Panty's grandmother.


Judgement's bio in Datencity Paparazzi.

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