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King Molomon's Treasure: A Romancing Adventure
Kanji キング・マラモンの秘宝・オマンシング・アドベンチャー
Rōmaji Kingu Maramon no Hihō Omanshingu Adobenchā
Volume in Manga Strip
Chapter № 2
Release August 25, 2011
Previous "Executive Motion"
Next "Hole Guys: We're the Dancing Hole Brothers"

"King Molomon's Treasure: A Romancing Adventure" is the second strip of the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in Manga Strip special.


The strip starts with the Anarchy sisters driving through the desert. On the phone, Garterbelt tells the angels that the only clue they were given for this ghost-chase was "the sticks". He also assures that strange occurrences, in the form of a blue devil, has been taking place in a town called Petit Village. Garterbelt then proceeds to explain that he once worked at the Petit Temple, explaining that the villagers are rather devout and righteous. Lastly, he says that the town must be on the middle of their Summer Festival, and tells the angels not to cause trouble.

Outside of Petit Village, the angels complain that the place looks like a shit-hole. They put on their summer wear, which is quite short kimonos, and take off to go find some "Midnight Renevous". Upon arriving at the festival, and noticing everything there had the form of penises, Stocking assures Garterbelt would have felt at home. Panty starts salivating, thinking of all the virgin men in the festival she could have sex with, and without losing any more time, she tackles a random guy and starts riding him. Stocking complains about Panty's standards in men, but upon noticing a greasy, hairy and sweaty guy, she leaves to have sex with him in the forest.

In the forest, Panty is laying on a pile of knocked-out men, saying they should give up their ghost-hunting business and hunt for sex instead. The demon sisters show up dressed in bikinis, and tell the angels that they fell straight into their trap. The Anarchy sisters can't quite grasp the idea that the demon sisters are blue instead of red, and calls them "blue elves". Kneesocks assures their colour doesn't matter, and calls forth Black Shlack, the ghost of the sedimentary spite. Stocking complains about the smell of the snake-like ghost, but along Panty, soon notices they didn't wear their panties and stockings respectively.

Panty starts seducing and rubbing herself on Scanty's back, trying to get her thongs. Stocking does the same with Kneesocks, though Kneesocks complains that her lower body is the "sister-only" secret touch zone. The angels transform the demons' clothing into weapons but notice that the weapons had too much demon juice. They decide to throw the weapons at the ghost, which explodes into a gigantic cloud of smoke, destroying the village. Panty and Stocking put the blame on the demon sisters, who are automatically tied up by the villagers. The villagers assure that by sacrificing the demon sisters, Lord Molomon will be appeased. Meanwhile, the angels happily flee from the scene in See Through.


  • The strip's title is most likely a shoutout to the story of King Solomon's seal.