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Men's Lamentation
Kanji 男たちの哀歌
Rōmaji Otoko Tachi no Aika
Volume 1
Chapter № 2
Release August 4, 2010
Previous "Ghostbusters"
Next "Nose Wide Shut"

"Men's Lamentation" is the second chapter of the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt manga.


The chapter starts with Panty  coming into the church where she sees Stocking  on her computer. She asks Stocking what shes looking at Stocking replies that she's on her blog where she talks about sweets. Panty asks if there's a more interesting blog she can read and Stocking talks about a blog where guys talk about they're dicks. Panty is intrigued by this until she realizes all the men are gay she proceeds to ask how Stocking knows about this when its revealed that it's not actually her computer but rather Garterbelt's . Panty naturally doesn't care anymore when lightning strikes down turning her food into cum the same happens with Stocking's sweets. Garterbelt then tells the angels that thry have a problem we then cut to a overview of Daten City  where we can see the cries of the residents crying out that all they're porn is missing.We then cut back to the church where Garterbelt tells the angles to go investigate. The duo take off in See-through where we then cut to them in a forest coming across a guy walking past; Panty then mistaken him for a ghost and starts to strike but he tells her that shes got the wrong guy and her them hes only here to find a vending machine that distributes porn saying that its where everyone went for porn before the days of the internet. Panty isn't convinced when suddenly the vending machine appears apparently having been the one responsible for everything that's happened so far. The angles naturally attack the Ghost causing it to explode. We then cut back to the church where we see Garterbelt closing the computer supposedly because the porn has returned due to the ghost exploding.The chapter ends with Garterbelt lecturing the angels and the both them not caring


  • The chapter's title is a reference to the Hong Kong film, Men's Elegy (Japanese title).