Mr. Abrams is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He was chosen as the Anarchy sisters' lawyer in "1 Angry Ghost".

Mr. Abrams was labeled as 'the most intelligent lawyer' in Judgement Day, however, it was a trick question, for he was a monkey. The most intelligent monkey, who just happened to be a lawyer, but a monkey nonetheless. He had a machine on his head, which translated his thoughts into human speech, giving him the ability to talk. He seemed to believe Panty's bangs were bananas, often trying to rip her hair.

Mr. Abrams, after gaining heightened intelligence.

After the Anarchy sisters were electrocuted, Mr. Abrams, after touching Panty's hair, gained heightened intelligence, transforming him into an outstanding lawyer. He busted Wife as the real murderer behind Husband's case. As well as Scanty and Kneesocks, who where disguised as the show's commenter and Tom Croose respectively. He ripped Panty's bangs in the end anyway, still believing them to be bananas.

Your Honor, the prosecution's argument is contradictory.

—Mr. Abrams


  • After gaining heightened intelligence, Mr. Abrams shouted "Objection!", which is a reference to Phoenix Wright.
  • The animation for the activation of the brain was a reference to Spiral Power from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Right after Kneesocks mentions being outwitted by a monkey, a quick lightning bolt comes down the middle of his face with a figure in the lightning. The figuer may resemble Matilda Ajan from Mobile Suit Gundam. The “lightning bolt” is a reference to Mobile Suit Gundam; when certain characters, known as New Types, Six Sense activates (a lightning bolt will come down the middle of their face).
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