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Queen Bee
Queen Barby.png
Full Name Queen Bee
Kanji クイーン・ビー
Rōmaji Kuīn Bī
Also Known As Barbie or Barby (バービー Bābī)
Race Ghost
Ghost № 38
Form of Death Bee sting
Defeated By Panty
Heaven Coins 8
Gender Female
Occupation Former queen of Daten City High
Hair Color Human: Blonde
Ghost: Black, Red
Eye Color Human: Violet
Ghost: Yellow
First Appearance "The Turmoil of the Beehive"
Voiced By EN: Leah Clark

JP: Aya Endo

Queen Bee (クイーン・ビー Kuīn Bī), better known under the alias "Barbie" or "Barby" (バービー Bābī) is a character in the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series. As a human, she was the queen of Daten City High. Queen Bee was the main antagonist in "The Turmoil of the Beehive".

Queen Bee was a female student, formerly the school queen. She created a kingdom tailored to her needs. However, after being stung by the pet bee of a nerd, who suffered her oppression, and died, she became a gargantuan ghost who sought nothing but power.

However, Queen Bee's plan to regain control of the school was ruined by Panty, Stocking, and Brief, ending in her demise and ultimately purification.



Before being defeated by the Anarchy sisters and Brief, Queen Bee was a very attractive, almost model-like individual, based off of the generic blonde, prissy cheerleader stereotype. In fact, she kept her exact same personality even after dying and being turned into a ghost.

Queen Bee managed to manipulate the students of Daten City High by using her looks and attitude. However, after the angels began stealing the spotlight with their antics, she had to resort to more extreme methods of brain-washing. She accomplished this by having one of her bee minions attach itself to a student's head. After the bee took over, the student's appearance was changed to that of a blonde, skinny cheerleader (with the bee transformed into a striped bun on the back of their head), or a buff footballer with a striped helmet.

Unfortunately for Queen Bee, the angels eventually caught on to her schemes and discovered that the bees could be removed from their host with a single attack, after which they could be destroyed individually. Seeing her babies being popped like bubbles drove Queen Bee insane with fury, causing her to completely transform into a hideous wasp-like Ghost with a massive honeycomb on her abdomen. From this new extremity, she fired an entire swarm of bees like missiles, but Stocking was able to cut through the attack by removing her second stocking and spinning like a propellor. Clear of the bees, Panty vaulted off of her sister and flew straight towards Queen Bee, jamming her gun in the ghost's face before destroying her with several point-blank shots.


  • The number of Heaven Coins dropped by Queen Bee is a play on Japanese words; the character hachi can mean "eight" or "bee".
  • Of the known Ghosts, Queen Bee dropped the most Heaven Coins (excluding Ghost Bot, who dropped a massive amount of nearly worthless foreign Heaven Coins).
  • She seems to look very similar to Vexus from My Life as a Teenage Robot.