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Secret Speedo Star
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Full Name Secret Speed Star
Kanji シークレット・スピードスター
Rōmaji Shīkuretto Supīdosutā
Race Ghost
Ghost № 42
Form of Death Struck by lightning
Defeated By Panty
Heaven Coins 2
Gender Male
Ability Fast speed
First Appearance "High School Nudical"

Secret Speedo Star is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He was ghost #42, and the main antagonist in "High School Nudical".

On the very first Lingerie Run in Daten City, an unfortunate boy had his underwear stolen by a number of queen-ish girls and died when his unshielded penis was struck by lightning. As a result he became a ghost with an extreme lingerie fetish.

By accident, Secret Speed Star was able to threaten the angels, as they had not expected to run into a Ghost and had not taken care of their weapons, leaving them uneffective against the monster. He also ran off faster than See Through could catch him. But once again, with the assistance of Brief, Panty was able to defeat the ghost, after forming a shotgun-like Backlace, using Brief's filthy briefs. Secret Speedo Star was worth 2 Heaven Coins. He is voiced by Sonny Strait in English.


Secret Speed Star is not a particularly threatening Ghost, but he displays very impressive movement speed and agility. He also has the ability to consume underwear.

Secret Speedo Star's design sheet.


  • Secret Speedo Star's appearance is a direct reference/parody to the DC comics character, Flash.
  • He appears to be germophobic, as he did not eat Brief's underwear because they were filthy.
  • In the FUNimation dub, he is renamed "The Fabulous Lingerie Ghost".
  • He has a identical voice to Thanatos from Kid icarus: Uprising in the English Dub