Zombie Ghost
Full Name Zombie Ghost
Kanji ゾンビ・ゴースト
Rōmaji Zonbi Gōsuto
Race Ghost
First Appearance "...Of the Dead"

The zombies are characters in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. They were ghost-zombies, and the main antagonists in "...Of the Dead".

The zombies were released by the demon sisters, who by using zombie liquid and transformed all the dead people from Romero & Carpen Town into ghost-zombies. They were immune to the angels' weapons, since they were already dead. A police officer believed zombies to be weakened by fire, but this was proved to be a myth after some of the survivors threw a burning chair at them.

Garterbelt assured the Anarchy sisters the only method of killing a zombie was by destroying their brains. By collecting the various items from Romero & Carpen Town's Sex Shop, the survivors could fight off the zombies for some time, but lose to them nonetheless. Panty and Stocking, after being transformed into zombies, believed that they would be turned back after dawn, but this was proved to be a lie too. It is unknown how their condition was eventually cured.


  • They are shown to not be loyal to demons as they attacked the Demon Sisters.
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